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What is MouseWorm?

Mouseworm is a philanthropic movement meme. Community driven to give back to humanity through the blockchain. Using art, music and humor to brighten the world and fight autism. We are a united army of wormies!

spread #AutismAwareness

Our Mission.Spread #AutismAwareness

Our core vision is to use art, music and social media to educate, spread hope, and promote autism acceptance and understanding.

We are also working to create a community of people who are passionate about helping others and making a difference in the world.

spread #AutismAwareness

Our Story.The birth of Mouseworm

Mouseworm was created by an anonymous philanthropist who calls himself Mouse Jr. Mouse Jr's youngest son suffers from autism as well as many of his friends children. His experience in blockchain, business and community building were combined to create Mouseworm.

The Original Mouseworm

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Spreading the Love

Mouseworm loves to see people smile and be happy. Mouseworm gives to those he meets with the hopes that this will inspire others to share their blessings. Follow us on Twitter to get notified when a new giveaway challenge is created. Who knows what Mouseworm will be giving away!

Giveaways & Contests

spread #AutismAwareness

Mouseworm personally created 10 of the NFTs, and those were auctioned off to support the project. One of those NFTs held a secret bonus surprise: a gorgeous Rolex watch valued at 25K!

NFT Art Collection

Our NFT collection was the first ever to combine awareness to blockchain and autism. We aim to bring ease of use for everyone interested in investing on decentralized exchanges.

90 of the 100 NFTs are from autistic artists. Half of the proceeds are given to the artists and their families; the other half is used to continue building the Mouseworm Movement.

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Events & Media

Check out upcoming events or catch up on our social media updates.

Mouseworm Events


Wormie will be joining the DCR team for an AMA on Monday! You don't wanna miss it!

Mouse Jr. “Da Dev” launched for a purpose. #AutismAcceptance with NFT’s created by autistic children and cartoons for the masses - he’s set to make his stamp on defi.

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